Welcome to the CPAN Top 100.

This website provides a web-accessible form of a number of useful
CPAN indexes. These data sets are derived from graph calculations
run on the aggregate dependency graph for all CPAN modules.

See the tabs above for more information on a specific index.

Data is taken from the CPANDB, stored at http://svn.ali.as/db/cpandb.gz

Static HTML maintained at http://svn.ali.as/cpan/websites/ali.as/top100

Tables generated by CPAN::WWW::Top100::Generator

# Score Author Distribution
{Rank} {Dependencies} {Author} {Distribution}

The Heavy 100 index lists the CPAN distributions with the highest number of dependencies on other CPAN distributions.

# Score Author Distribution
{Rank} {Dependents} {Author} {Distribution}

The Volatile 100 index lists the CPAN distributions with the highest number of downstream dependants.

# FAILure FAILs Author Distribution
{Rank} {Score} {FAIL} {Author} {Distribution}

The FAIL 100 index operates on the principle that the modules that the most other people depend on should be the ones that are the most reliable.

It multiplies module volatility with CPAN Testers FAIL count to produce a metric that identifies and ranks root sources of failure in installation dependency trees.

# Score Author Distribution
{Rank} {Dependents} {Author} {Distribution}

The META 100 index attempts to identify weak points in the published metadata for the CPAN. By improving the quality of the distribution metadata, we improve the quality of the prioritisation that is used (and relied on) by the other lists.

The current implementation lists the CPAN distributions that:

1. Do not contain a META.yml file at all
2. Have a META.yml file with broken YAML (that breaks with Parse::CPAN::Meta)
3. Incorrectly put JSON into their META.yml, believing they are following the META.yml specification, when in fact the spec is wrong and will (almost certainly) be corrected from "YAML" to "YAML Tiny Subset" in the next version