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"Your Location in Civilisation"

Map your address or latitude,longitude into your relationship with government.

Strawberry Perl

Taking over Perl on Windows.
Now in 10 delicious varieties!
Serving 50,000 downloads a month.

A knowledge base for the Windows Perl community.

Parsing Perl (despite being impossible)

PPI is a pure-Perl document parser for the Perl language. It now forms the core of many Perl tools like Perl::Critic, and was long thought to be impossible. After it was completed, it was also mathemetically proven to be impossible.

Module List

Padre: The Perl IDE

Ever dreamed of having a truly intelligent refactoring Perl editor that you could hack on and improve yourself?


ThreatNet is a concept for a real-time global internet security network, pooling the resources of large numbers of spam/virus/malware detectors into large collaborative networks, and forming transient but powerful blocklists.

The Original Paper · See it running

CVS Monitor

CVS Monitor is a Perl CGI application for providing an easy to use interface to a CVS repository for the purposes of monitoring activity within it.

Although on the decline of late, with the mass movement from CVS to SVN and the rise of Atlassian FishEye, this continues to be used by many projects.

Perl Development Journal (

Or Google for "Adam Kennedy blog" (ugh)

The CPAN Top 100

Rankings you don't always want to be at the top of...

An open collaborative SVN repository for my CPAN modules, orphaned modules, and a home for other authors who just couldn't be bothered maintaining their own.

50+ authors, 300+ modules and growing.


The JavaScript Archive Network is an implementation of CPAN for JavaScript programmers.

All work has now been moved to the now-live version of this concept.

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