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"This shows where you are in the world"

It was a geographic search engine for Australian Government Apps. Service is not active anymore, we keep it here for nostalgic reasons.

Strawberry Perl

The Perl for MS Windows.
Perl binaries, compiler (gcc), tools and more!
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Know How for Windows & Perl.

Parsing Perl

PPI is an awesome document parser for Perl. It is the basis of many Perl tools, for example Perl::Critic. First it was thought to be not possible. It has been done anyway.

Module List

Padre: The Perl IDE

Have you ever wished to have a highly intelligent refactoring Perl editor? One which you can hack on plus improve by yourself? You have found it! A Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment!


ThreatNet is a concept for a global IT security network, which works in real time. Huge numbers of Malware & Spam detectors are joined to a big network which forms very helpful blocklists.

Original Paper · OpenVPN Config · Check it running

What is the CVS Monitor?

CVS Monitor is one of the best CGI apps for Perl and provides an easy usage for CVS repositories - mainly for the purpose of activity monitoring.

It has been in the decline lately, but it is still used by many projects. The big switch from CVS to SVN and also Atlassian FishEye will further decrease the usage.

Why using Crypto is a good idea

Cryptocurrencies enable digital payment transactions from crypto websites without central administrations.

The decentralized exchange of data means that individual groups or interest groups such as banks or governments can neither simply print new money nor manipulate the exchange rate.

The power of technical innovation is creating disruptive business models that will bring down entire industries.

Importance of Anomaly Detection in your IT infrastructure

The number of cyber attacks is continuously increasing. This makes it all the more important for companies to strengthen their cyber resilience. Anomaly detection can prove to be a crucial element for more security.

Read about anomaly detection and how it works here.

Perl Development Journal

Or just search in Google/Bing for "" (lol)

The CPAN Top 100

What is that? One of the few rankings in the world you probably will not want be at the #1...

This page is also a repository for SVN, CPAN modules, outdated modules and the place for other developers who don`t want to bother with their own sites.

Worked together with 100+ authors, 500+ modules and the number is still growing.


The JavaScript Archive Network is an awesome resource for Open Source JavaScript software & libraries.

The old website has been moved to which is now live!


Using the Squid cache as a reverse proxy can save traffic and bandwidth and increase the speed of your web server enormously.

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