Best VPN Provider for Torrenting

Private Torrenting: Guide a howto The most comprehensive comparison of the best log-free VPN Providers for Filesharing and Bittorrenting is here. [anbieter art=”vpn”] Safety that is on-Line is catchy. If you are using Windows, you probably have a “DNS Leak”, a recognized defect which may lead to your own true ip (the actual place of […]

Best VPN Provider for UK

[anbieter art=”vpn”] United Kingdom hosts several geo-limited solutions which can be recognized from the other side of the planet for his or her superiority. The the highest of those is the BBC iPlayer, gives complete, advertising free, use of the current program of scheduling to you. 4oD can also be noteworthy because of its superb […]

Best VPN Provider for USA

[anbieter art=”vpn”] Even though powerful constitutional rights for freedom of speech and liberty of phrase suggest that censorship of the world wide web in America is practically nonexistent (with the noteworthy different of attempts to to dam access to WikiLeaks associated content), as the ongoing ed Snowden disclosures present, largescale quilt surveillance from the government […]

Most popular blocked Warez sites

  Site PR Alexa Google Indexed Yahoo Indexed 5 2463 10200 2 3595 1160000 3 6554 0 2 10387 1730000 1 20643 0 1 26036 235000 2 35535 5130000 1 39102 23800 47441 0 2 53107 0 1 89755 0 1 105221 567000 […]

Popular blocked Websites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, […]

The best way to avoid bittorrent throttling

You are not by yourself in the event that you you have frustratingly slow rates when installing torrents. The reality is the fact that a number of internet companies (ISP’s) all over the world are building a purposeful attempt to maintain bittorrent rates as gradual as you possibly can. Luckily there is a simple means […]

Use uTorrent Anonymously

The best way to make use of uTorrent Anonymously UTorrent is among the BiTorrent customers that are hottest on the planet, and several customers would like to know the best way to work with uTorrent. Due to this we chose to produce this manual that was simple to anonymizing your action using a VPN. Would […]

Use Vuze Anonymously

Welcome to our step by step manual showing you the best way to download torrents anonymously. For those among you who are not comfortable with Vuze, it’s an energy-packaged bit torrent client (one of the more well-known in the planet) full of media attributes that are additional and also a built-in search engine. In this […]

VPN without Logs

[anbieter art=”vpn”] Logs are a issue among customers attempting to choose on the most effective VPN that is unattributable. As the enduser for VPN technology shifts more emphasis towards solitude mindful people rather than business clients, the degree of privacy provided by the VPN providers that are very best is changing additionally to fit the […]

VPNs that contain Proxys that are free

There are there are many VPN suppliers which are ready to promote you support that is proxy for an added cost, but are you aware we have a few VPN suppliers including proxy support free of charge? Better yet, this support is easily set to work with with vuze utorrent, or another important Bit Torrent […]

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The CPAN Top 100

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This page is also a repository for SVN, CPAN modules, outdated modules and the place for other developers who don`t want to bother with their own sites.

Worked together with 100+ authors, 500+ modules and the number is still growing.


The JavaScript Archive Network is an awesome resource for Open Source JavaScript software & libraries.

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Using the Squid cache as a reverse proxy can save traffic and bandwidth and increase the speed of your web server enormously.

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